Use of the Pure Yorkshire Free Photo Images

What you can do.

You can use any of the images owned by Pure Yorkshire which are published on our website in any other publication including websites to enhance that publication, or to help promote your business.

You should not remove the Pure Yorkshire label or watermark that is at the bottom of the image.

If you are using our images on another website, please include a link from your / that website to the Pure Yorkshire website. The correct method of creating a link is to use the full URL as follows:
Please include the forward slash at the end of the URL, as this is the correct method of creating a link.

Provided you leave the Pure Yorkshire Label intact on the image, then the images are free to use. without limitation.

Please note: All of the images produced by Pure Yorkshire which are published on this website are of a professional quality and are also available in a higher resolution. You can purchase high resolution images for a small fee, they can be supplied by email or on disk. For details, please phone: 01751 477370


What you should not do.

Please do not remove the Pure Yorkshire Label or watermark from our free to use images. All the images owned and published by Pure Yorkshire are of a high quality and have a high value. By leaving the label intact with the image, it allows people to see where the image came from.

If you can avoid it, please do not embed images via their path to our server, we would much prefer you to download the images you like and host them on your own server, or on a server that allows free hosting.

Please do not claim any rights to sell or own our images. All the images published by Pure Yorkshire remain the property of the photographer.

Images that are produced within advertisements including accommodation providers, such as those that do not have a Pure Yorkshire label, may be the property of a 3rd party. Pure Yorkshire does not claim any rights on those images and were are no in any position to be able to grant you any permissions over images owned by others.

Some images published within the news articles on this website may have been submitted to us with a press release. Where images do no include a Pure Yorkshire Label or Watermark, then those images are likely to be owned by a 3rd party. We are unable to grant any permissions for use of those images.

If you wish to use our images, you can do so within the terms of this agreement. Please ensure that any copyright information you publish does not claim copyright over our images.


Pure Yorkshire & Your Privacy

Pure Yorkshire Cookies

This policy explains how “Pure Yorkshire”, “”) use cookies during any session of usage by you, while you are visiting our website.

Pure Yorkshire use session cookies to enhance the performance of your use of our website. The cookies we use do not tell us who you are. Should you register as a member of the forums, you can opt to remain completely anonymous, you can do this by registering a free email address with Google at GMail or with others such as Hotmail or Yahoo Mail. You are not required to use your own name. IP Address tracking: Like almost every website - our logs record IP Addresses, they do not tell us who you are, but can be used by authorities such as the police to identify individual points of access to the internet. This is done via records kept by internet access providers. In accordance with English Law, we will provide such information to the relevant authorities within the legal requirements of England & Wales if we are legally requested to do so. Pure Yorkshire is owned by: Nameline - we not provide data to anyone for any commercial purpose.

Your Privacy (General Policy)

This is the Privacy Policy of Pure Yorkshire - it is not the privacy policy of any other website or service provider.
From time to time, you might contact us requesting information about our services or details found on this website. By providing your details you enable Pure Yorkshire to contact you with relevant information. Whenever you provide such personal information, we will treat that information in accordance with this policy.
We will not pass personal details of individuals to any third party, unless you specifically request and provide the details of the third party that you require your details to be passed on to. Or unless we are required to do so by order of the U.K. legal authorities.
When you contact us, we may store your details on a computer. Every reasonable effort is taken to ensure the data we keep is secure and safe from outside intrusion.

Telephone recording: We do record phone calls made to and from our office line, our mobile telephones are also capable of recording calls. These recordings are made for the purpose of ensuring correct quotes in news articles and for training purposes. In rare circumstances they may also be used for legal purposes.

Other privacy information

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