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Ripon Cathedral

Free Photos, Ripon, North Yorkshire

Ripon Cathedral - Just as impressive as the great York Minster in my opinion.

I've now visited Ripon Cathedral on a couple of occasions, it really is spectacular and popular with visitors to the town. It's prominent position within Ripon is unmissable and unlike York Mister, it is free to go in. Although there are collection boxes for donations.

Just as impressive as the great York Minster in my opinion, with a wonderful display of sculpture on offer, plus a beautiful display of elaborate leaded lights (stained glass windows). Unlike the York Minster you can get very close to many of the objects including some of the windows too.

There is also a wonderful crypt which my 12 year old daughter thought was spooky and appealed to her sense of adventure. Being a great fan of Harry Potter, it really di float her boat.

It's not too busy either, on the couple of occasions of my visits, there have been no more than a handful of sightseers.

The Ripon Cathedral has its own website too with lots of information, including a background of its history.





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