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Moorhen With Chicks

Free Photos, Helmsley, North Yorkshire

This Moorhen is seen feeding her chicks on a village pond, close to Helmsley in rural North Yorkshire. Moorhens are usually shy, but even more so when they have young. Now with her chicks to care for, the mother hen was even more cautious than usual and the young were kept very close to their nest.

I'm going to keep the actual location a close guarded secret as the pond itself is abundant with wildlife, most of which enjoys the seclusion and peacefulness of the location. I can't imagine either the wildlife or the villages benefiting from a mass of visitors. There are indeed many wildlife sanctuaries that are available for visitors. One of the best is the sanctuary at Fairburn Ings, close to Castleford in West Yorkshire.

Moorhens are sometimes called marsh hens and because of their apparently nervous behaviour, are sometimes called "skitty coots".

They have short rounded wings and are weak fliers, although usually capable of covering long distances. The Common Moorhen in particular migrates up to 2,000 km from some of its breeding areas in the colder parts of Siberia. Those that migrate do so at night.

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Fairburn Ings: http://www.rspb.org.uk/reserves/guide/f/fairburnings/index.asp





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