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Storm Rising At Sunset

Free Photos, The North York Moors, North Yorkshire

I was driving home along the A169 from Whitby to Pickering as the sun started to set. I could see these thick clouds starting to form and pulled into the little country lane of Cow Wath Bank - about a mile or so after Blue Bank.

The sun was almost completely down, but the red glow was adding to the theatre of the scenery. It reminded me of a speech I once heard given at a ceremony in Ryedale. The speaker said words along the lines of: This is Pure Yorkshire, it's beautiful, but it can kill ya.

Aye I thought, looking at the faces on the five thousand visitors, that's the way to tell em. Only the sound effects of lightning and howling wolves could have scared them more. Funny yet ironic material, as the five thousand guests along with David Bellamy (not the speaker) were all tourists taking part in the Caravan and Camping Club's end of season bash.

Hopefully none will have been put off visiting the North York Moors, but I think the speaker was trying to make the point that the weather out in the Moors can change very quickly, and that is indeed very true. These pictures typical of those changes, as only a few minutes earlier the sky had been clear. A few minutes after I took these photos it was raining so hard that visibility was down to a few feet. Then another couple of miles up the road and it was a warm spring evening again.

Which in turn reminds me of an open air concert I went to at Blakey Ridge a few years ago, I was there to photograph the concert. There was literally every kind of weather that day and it was almost on a constant cycle. Blue sky, followed by strong wind, followed by hail, followed by rain, followed by snow followed by blue sky etc.

Over the course of 2009 I am planning a full collection of photos from the North York Moors. Enjoy.





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