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Staindale Lake

Free Photos, Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire

Staindale Lake in the Great Yorkshire Forest at Dalby is a haven for wildlife. On the rare occasion you might see the lake empty and still, appearing almost void of life. But those moments are rare, as even on completely still days, there is hardly a moment passes without at least a ripple in the water, as a fish surfaces to catch a fly, or a Moorhen paddles by, ducks fly in and splash land.

The lake is surrounded by a pleasant walk through pine trees on one side and a road on the other. I once saw a very large snake cross the road near here, it was a warm summer day and the snake was possibly two feet long and very fat. It was at a distance, so it was impossible to see it's markings. However, I am reliably informed that it must have been an Adder. It was quite a sight to see and was driving and wished I'd had an opportunity to photograph it.

Dalby Forest is home to many species of wildlife such as badgers, roe deer and nightjars. There are also many species of trees including oak, beech, ash, alder and hazel.

There are many waymarked walks around Dalby Forest, passing through beautiful landscapes and hidden works of art. There are playgrounds for the young and tree top adventures provided by Go Ape.

A large visitors centre provides a selection of maps and leaflets.





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