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Poppies In Rape Field

Free Photos, Thornton Le Dale, North Yorkshire

Article By: Dave Roberts

I had actually set out on a mission to photograph some poppies, as mid July is the best time to find them in full bloom - in North Yorkshire. Starting in Pickering I headed over towards Kirkbymoorside and on to Helmsley and so far nothing but the large garden varieties.

From Helmsley I headed out towards Thirsk on the A170 and turned left through Sproxton and kept right on going to Caukleys Bank, a steep hill that separates Hovingham from Nunnington and still not a genuine wild poppy in sight.

Whilst driving up Caukleys I started to think the unthinkable, (maybe I won't find any poppies worth the effort.) Then through Nunnington I stopped near Nunnington Hall, hoping to nip into the garden and get a nice shot of the hall from the garden, but it was getting quite late and the gates were locked. Which did surprised me, as in time gone by, even when the hall was closed, the garden never used to be locked. A sign of the times perhaps.

Back on mission I headed up the Nunnington side of Caukleys, turning left on towards Ness, then cut back across county via Muscoates, arriving back at the A170 near Welburn and still nothing. So I turned right and headed back towards Pickering.

Instead of heading straight home I drove straight on and passed through Thornton Le Dale and then just beyond Thornton Le Dale - eureka! I spotted the perfect field, just to the left of the main road. A little farm track provided a parking spot and the timing was perfect, the sky was just taking on a very slight pink tint as the sun was now setting.

The trip out had finally been worth it and having covered umpteen miles, I now found myself in a field only five miles from home.

There is something about poppies that stirs emotions in me that I don't fully understand. Perhaps it is their association with remembrance, I really don't know. While they are clearly extremely beautiful, they also make me feel quite sad and then happy too. Really strange. Here they look perfect set in a field of rape, the yellow rape providing a great contrast to the deep redness of the poppies.





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