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On To Langdale End

Free Photos, Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire

I've titled this selection of images 'On To Langdale End' because although I started this photographic journey in the beautiful Great Yorkshire Forest of Dalby. I went on through the forest, following the designated 'Forest Drive' then out the other end and on through Langdale End.

The first image of two cows, one laying and one standing are located in a meadow just past the new visitors centre, it is just off to the right of the forest drive. A clear photo opportunity - and not to be missed.

Then the second photo of more cattle in the same field, with a row of pine trees forming a skyline on the ridge.

The third image is a view just by the exit at the far end of Dalby near Langdale End. There are outstanding views in every direction, this one is hot right from the road side without any effort to clambering. I had every intention of capturing the wire posts and the old cattle feeder that can just be seen behind the post on the right.

Then a couple more miles to this field full of flowering buttercups which caught my eye. If you have been following my photographic tour of Yorkshire, one of the things you will notice, is that I often wait until evening time before I start my shoot.
Quite simply, I love the the way colours of the landscape react in the late evening sun, plus the sky is usually a much deeper blue and often tinted with shades of red.
It is all part of my desire to work with natural light and my personal belief that everything looks better either at the end or even the beginning of the day.
This field full of buttercups with a shed at the far end has all those elements and it is one of my favourite shots. It wasn't the easiest shot to get, as I sit here writing and 20 minutes past one in the morning, my arms and hands are still stinging from my encounter with nettles. But the nettle stings will subside and the image will continue, that is worth the mild irritation. But it does demonstrate that if you want the image then, you will have to get into those places where mother nature has built barriers to keep you out.

Image number five in this selection is a Hill falling into the shadow of the ebbing sun, the last few yellow flowers on the heather can just be seen in the remaining light.
The hill can be seen for miles around Langdale, but there are very few places where it is possible to stop the car and get decent shot. I was delighted to discover little country lane running right below it - providing a perfect position to get this shot.

Then finally the view of a hillside farm, with sheep grazing in the meadow and crops growing in a cultivated field. The reality of the productive Yorkshire countryside and typical of Ryedale, an area where crops and animal stocks are farmed side by side.





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