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Helmsley Castle

Free Photos, Helmsley, North Yorkshire

Both these images are of Helmsley Castle, taken on a late Sunday evening of the first weekend in July 2009.

These views are from inside the grounds of Duncombe Park, the stately home of Lord and Lady Feversham.

Although privately owned, Duncombe Park is now open to visitors and is the most popular tourist attraction in Helmsley, also one of the most popular stately home attractions in North Yorkshire.

A beautiful house, in an outstanding location, situated within the popular market town of Helmsley. All adding up to a making it a must place to visit - if you are in this neck of the woods. Or if you just want to take a ride out into this part of North Yorkshire.

Helmsley sits inside the boundaries of the North York Moors National Park, it is in fact the location of the National Park Authority's head office.

Helmsley Castle is a medieval castle and typical of it's period, has seen a large chunk of history pass over its drawbridge. The first castle on this location being of timber and built around 1120 by Walter l'Espec.

The current stone construction was started in 1186 by Robert de Roos.

Robert de Roos died in 1227, leaving the castle to his son William who lived there until 1258. William commissioned the construction of the chapel in the courtyard. William's son, Robert, inherited the castle and was Lord of Helmsley from 1258 to 1285.

The de Roos family owned the castle until 1478 when Edmund de Roos sold the castle to Richard, Duke of Gloucester - who later became: King Richard III.

The castle's only military action came during the Civil War. Held for King Charles, it endured a three-month siege before being starved into submission in November 1644, by Parliamentarians fighting under Sir Thomas Fairfax. Fairfax was second in command of the Parliament's small Northern Association army, with Lord Fairfax in overall command.

He was seriously wounded in the fighting at Helmsley. But following the successful siege, he dismantled the defences but spared the mansion, subsequently the home of his daughter and her husband, the profligate Duke of Buckingham.

Helmsley Castle is now owned and managed as a visitor attraction by English Heritage.

More on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmsley_Castle





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