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Snow Covered

Free Photos, Pickering, North Yorkshire

I can't help but feel that here in Britain we always over react to the slightest of weather conditions. And if I I hear one more BBC news reporter using yet another reference to World War II while reporting on the small amount of snow which has fallen, then I'm likely to crank up the 'Outrage Bus'.

So no Dunkirk Spirit, no falling Nazi bombs and no running for the shelters with a baby under your arm - wondering if you'll be alive in the morning to cash in your ration vouchers.

None of that and take my word for it... If we were in the Alps telling the locals we've had a lot of snow, they would look at us rather confused, when at best or worst (I think best) - here in Pickering - which has featured heavily on the BBC news in recent days ... we've had about a foot of snow at the most.

All around Pickering there are conversations taking place with people recalling the last time they saw so much snow. To be precise it was 13 years ago. It lasted about three days then vanished. But I'll have to join the throngs of those saying "when I were a lad" - because anyone old enough to remember can tell you this weather used to happen every year.

I'll never forget walking to the shops with my mum in the mid 60's. There was about four feet of snow - or least it seemed very deep. My mum said "It doesn't snow like it did when I was young." I looked around at the snow hanging from the rooftops in complete disbelief wondering how it could have been true. But clearly it must have been and over the years we have forgotten how to deal with snow.

So, ignoring all the doom and gloom reports coming from my TV, for absolutely no good reason - I went out last night and this morning - with a camera to take some photos. My journey was not essential and I could have stayed at home.

I set off out on Thursday night about 9pm 7th Jan 2010 and walked along Westgate towards the centre of Pickering. The snow as falling quiet heavily collecting on the telephone and overhead electricity cables, but the thing capturing my eye over and again were the trees that line the avenue, often lit up with the orange glow of a street lamp.

I wondered around the town and struggled in the poor light to capture many images which were any good, so I decided to head for home. Then as I passed Chico's Pizzeria, the chaps came out to greet me.

The following morning I set off again about 7.30 am, as I passed Magson's Feeds I noticed Andy Downing and John Newman clearing snow from their yard, then shortly afterwards I spotted one of Ryedale District Council's team clearing the car park with a Kubota snow plough.

The beckside outside the Coop Supermarket was the prettiest I've ever seen it, looking like a scene from a Christmas card.

I then headed over to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway's - Pickering Station and captured the shots of fire buckets topped with snow, the old red phone box and the diesel locomotive which was parked up.

It was a beautiful morning and although I do love the snow, I accept that it presents a lot of problems for some people, but I just love it - it makes me want to live in the Alps.





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