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Video Interview with paedophile hunters Predator Exposure

News Article, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Article By: Dave Roberts

First Published: 3 April 2017

PREDATOR EXPOSURE is a small group of people who say their mission is to expose Paedophiles whom they say are using social media such as Facebook to groom children for sex. They state that their ultimate aim is to protect children.

Recently the group have published two videos online which the members say have exposed adults who were attempting to groom children for sex. In one such instance the group carried out a citizens arrest on a man and a woman from Leeds, handing them along with documented evidence to West Yorkshire Police.

However, West Yorkshire Police are for from impressed by the group's actions and in a press statement have asked the group to cease their actions.

Members of Predator Exposure acknowledge that the police do not condone or support their actions, but some members of the group believe the legal system is failing to protect vulnerable young children, whilst others hope they can offer the police a helping hand.

West Yorkshire Police have made it clear to us, that although they do share some concerns held by members of Predator Exposure - they do would like them to stop.

West Yorkshire Police declined a video interview with us, but at very short notice did send details of their position via email, the contents of which are detailed below.

Statement by: West Yorkshire Police

"West Yorkshire Police would not wish to promote the activities of such groups and in fact asks them to refrain from such activity.

We would always encourage members of the public to report any illegal activity relating to child sexual exploitation which they come across during normal online activity.

While the force does of course share the concerns of these groups regarding the internet activity of potential child abusers and the danger they present, it must be stressed that the activities they seek to engage in are the responsibility of law enforcement agencies. Due to this we ask them to refrain from this 'hunter/ exposure' style activity.

There is always the danger that the activities of paedophile hunter/exposure groups could:

Interfere with ongoing police/law enforcement investigations e.g.

Pose a risk to children in a local area by inviting persons into the vicinity you
identify as posing a risk to public. As the nominals posing the risk would
not be in these areas otherwise these risks associated are unacceptable to
West Yorkshire Police.

It should also be stressed that any 'evidence' presented from these meetings could be excluded from any prosecutions as being illegally obtained.

Law enforcement officers who undertake undercover or covert activities are specially trained to do so and work under strict authorities provided within legislation.

This process ensures, not only that the evidence is lawfully collated but also that the human rights of all parties are met.

West Yorkshire Police fully investigates all allegations of child sexual exploitation and has dedicated, specialist safeguarding officers in all our policing districts. We urge members of such 'exposure' groups not to carry out this activity and instead to report suspected offences in West Yorkshire to the force via 101 or the independent Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

Reports can also be made online to CEOP at https://ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/ "

Interview recorded: 1 April 2017
Location: Holbeck, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

The video is a Bite-size Documentary produced by Hitmaker.
Presented and edited by: Dave Roberts.

Hitmaker.co.uk is a news gathering agency producing exclusive photography, video and news reports.





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