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Whitby Landslide Homes to be Demolished

News Article, Whitby, North Yorkshire

Article By: Dave Roberts

First Published: 28 November 2012

FIVE cottages on a cliffside in Whitby have been sealed off after the land they were built on gave way resulting in a huge landslip.

The landslip which happened on Aelfleda Terrace in Whitby has left the row of terrace cottages precariously hanging on the edge of the cliff, endangering both the cottages and other properties below.

Electrical engineers were on the scene today, cutting the electrical supply in preparation for their demolition, which Scarborough Borough Council have said will take place tomorrow.

The decision to demolish the properties came after engineers and safety personnel who were monitoring the cottages reported a further landslip, when a huge lump of rock crashed into a property below.

All but one of the cottages are holiday cottages. The only full time resident, Ms Knight is reported to be safe and well, but concerned about her future.

A neighbour told Pure Yorkshire there had been evidence of landslips over several years, which appeared to be made worse during wintry conditions.





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